SA Skydiving

Take the leap to an unforgettable skydiving experience.  Freefall into Australia’s highest skydive and land on soft beach sand.  With a drop zone in the beautiful Langhorne Creek wine region, less than an hour from Adelaide, fun, sport and tandem skydiving are all part of the high adrenalin action.   

Located on a private 300 acre airfield in the heart of the Langhorne Creek wine region, this is Adelaide’s premier skydiving centre and South Australia’s longest established skydiving organisation.

Both sport and tandem skydiving is available with spectacular views of the River Murray, Adelaide Hills, the southern lakes and the coast.  Take to the skies on Australia’s highest skydive, with a take-off from Goolwa Beach, a cruise through the sky above the pristine coast, the freedom of freefall and a landing on the soft sand of Basham Beach.

First time skydivers and experienced sports jumpers can enjoy the best skydiving experience possible and you are welcome to bring family and friends to the drop zone to watch.

You will be diving with the best instructors in the industry.  Many have won national awards for their personal achievements and all are dedicated to ensuring you have a safe, comfortable and truly unforgettable skydiving experience.

Everything you need, including optional transfers from Adelaide, is provided. Whatever your skill level as a fun jumper, or your chosen discipline as a sport flyer, SA Skydiving’s professional crew will happily welcome you for an amazing day of high-flying adventure. 

For more information, to contact SA Skydiving, or to make a booking go to:


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