Rock Patrol / Rock 2 Water Tour 

As we hit the road headed for the rugged outback it doesn’t take long before we are out of the city
sights and into the wilderness. Departing from either Adelaide or Alice Springs this all-inclusive 6 day
adventure tour is not for faint-hearted. We spend two nights around Uluru, where you will learn why
this giant red rock is so sacred and what it means to aboriginal people of the area. Hike the Valley of
the Winds at Kata Tjuta and nestle into your swag (outside bed) whilst admiring the stars in the
outback night sky. At Kings Canyon, be prepared to be blown away by the giant and intrinsic rock
formations as you take the 4-hour remote hike. We nestle in our swag for the night at a rural cattle
Feed orphaned Kangaroos, sift for opals, visit the opal mining museum and more whilst visiting
Coober Pedy. Stay overnight in an underground room, just like the locals do! Don’t forget the
picturesque visit to the Southern Flinders Ranges, where you are surrounding by ancient gum trees,
kangaroos and emus. The tour is on a one-way route and finishes in the opposite city.

Departs Adelaide and arrives into Alice Springs (Rock Patrol) – 6 day / 5 night
Departs Alice Springs and arrives into Adelaide (Rock 2 Water) – 6 day / 5 night


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