About Tours SA

Let’s be honest, the advent of social media has led to some big changes in the way we make our holiday plans.  And it’s become a lot more confusing to decode and compare all the offers available.

The proliferation of customer review websites and other online platforms has given rise to a massive increase in the amount of information that’s put in front of us.  A great result for consumers, but it’s getting harder and harder to find the real stars – the tour companies and great local attractions that aren’t always receiving the exposure they deserve.

Adelaide and South Australia have some amazing experiences and activities waiting to be discovered.  We believe they should be much easier to find and understand and that’s the simple philosophy behind the See South Australia website.

We have drawn together the best independently owned tours and attractions in South Australia by utilising the world’s largest travel evaluation website.  If a business has a TripAdvisor customer rating of 95% or more excellent/very good or, in our opinion, has an outstanding and unique tourism product, they may be invited onto this site.

I know how much hard work and dedication is required to maintain a top quality product in today’s consumer-led tourism environment.  It’s fantastic to be able to showcase the tours and activities which present South Australia in the best possible way.

“I believe that small passionate businesses collaborating for a better outcome for their customers, their industry and for themselves, is the way of the future."

Dallas Coull, Taste the Barossa



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