Prairie Hotel & Outback Lodge

Ross Fargher, a fourth-generation pastoralist and cattleman in the Flinders Ranges, along with his wife Jane, acquired their 'local' in 1991. Together, they've transformed it into an extraordinary oasis.

Situated at the intersection of the Outback and the Flinders Ranges, the Prairie Hotel in Parachilna, South Australia, stands as an iconic Australian establishment. This remote oasis offers refined accommodations, personalized experiences, and genuine outback hospitality. As a family-owned and operated hotel, it is renowned for warm welcomes, memorable dining, and its own house-brewed beers.

The Prairie Hotel, a recognized regional treasure, is an unassuming landmark in Parachilna, Flinders Ranges. The hallmark of its dining experience is the inclusion of feral and indigenous ingredients, alongside contemporary Australian seasonal dishes and a selection of South Australian wines or the hotel's own cold microbrewery beers. The restaurant's ambiance is enhanced by a collection of highly collectible indigenous and contemporary South Australian artworks.

Located 90 kilometers north of Hawker in the Flinders Ranges, the Prairie Hotel is open from early March to late November, offering an unforgettable taste of the Australian outback and a remarkable dining experience in a stunning setting.


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