Naracoorte Caves

Explore South Australia's unique World Heritage site, the Naracoorte Caves, home to one of the world's most significant fossil collections dating back over 500,000 years

These caves reveal the prehistoric world of giant marsupials like Diprotodon, Thylacoleo, and giant kangaroos. Visitors can delve into five distinct caves and partake in adventure caving or photographic tours.

Launched in December 2021, the Victoria Fossil Cave Megafauna Experience offers an immersive learning journey. Created in collaboration with renowned paleontologists, this animated audio-visual experience vividly recreates the scale and movements of the ancient megafauna that once inhabited Naracoorte. The focus on scientific accuracy and cave conservation ensures a memorable and educational adventure.

The Victoria Fossil Cave has intrigued researchers and tourists for over five decades. This new audio-visual addition enhances the learning experience, complementing guided tours and a range of activities that make Naracoorte Caves a full-day destination. Visitors can explore multiple caves, hike scenic trails, and savor locally sourced meals at the onsite café, all while delving into Australia's rich prehistoric past.



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